Friday, February 23, 2007

January Council Meeting

Council Meeting, January 25, 2007

present: Bill Joerger, Brian Head, Elsie Jacobson, Marion Brauneis, Benita Pemberton, Linda Zammer, Rev. Ken Landin, Margaret Briana, Joanne Briana-Gartner, Linda and Scott Thorp.

Elsie volunteered to lead the meeting.

Rev. Landin opened the meeting with a prayer.

Minutes for January meeting approved.

Treasurer's Report: See attached.
Benita reported that the numbers for the December offering are up from last month. No parish ministry offering was taken in December. There should be an extra $250 in Miscellaneous Rental Income for December which isn't in the report yet.
It was suggested that we ask Ellen if there is any way to number the pages of the monthly budget report.

Budget & Finance
Linda Zammer explained that the budget and finance committee predicted a $9,000 deficit budget in 2006 but the deficit was only $1,000. One reason was that both the secretary and custodian worked less hours than they were budgeted.
Linda also suggested that we start talking about a second "pay off the mortgage campaign." In 2007 $350 a month will be taken out of the building fund to pay down the $1900 mortgage, the rest of the money is coming out of the general fund.
The projected $13000 budget deficit is a result of last year's $9,000 projected deficit and the additional money which will need to come out of the general fund to pay down the parish hall mortgage. The budget will be presented to the congregation on Feb. 11. Council thanked Linda, Joe, and Scott for their hard work, the proposed budget is very detailed, clear, and easy to understand.
Marion made a motion that we accept the proposed budget to be presented to the congregation, all in favor.

Building and Grounds
An expense to fix sagging windows at the parsonage will be coming in soon. At some point in the future it would be good to discuss some general maintenance to the parsonage.

Christian Education
Linda Thorp reported that things are going along well. There are some new, enthusiastic children joining Sunday School.

Missions did not hold a January meeting. A soup fundraiser is planned for after church on Feb. 11. Habitat for Humanity contacted the committee about renewing their covenant with our church.

Stewardship is inching toward its projected goal. To date we have $67,367 in actual pledges.

Women's Fellowship
The fellowship is looking to purchase some cabinets for the back wall of the parish hall. They will be in memory of Florence Muse and some of the money to purchase them will come from the Florence Muse Memorial Fund. The fellowship is also thinking about purchasing new window shades or blinds for upstairs in the parish hall. At their last meeting Alan Driscoll gave an interesting talk about the role America's War Dogs.

A memorial was held for Jeanette Bartley and a memorial at Woodbriar is upcoming for John Lower.

Minister's Report
It's been a heavy pastoral month for the minister with a lot of hospital visits and the two memorial services. The minister also presided over the wedding of Benita's son, Norman.
The minister is looking forward to the February lenten program and pot luck dinners staring up. It's a good opportunity for some of our younger families to come. The minister is hoping to add a new member program.
Marian is going to meet with the minister who is going to head up the Mashpee Church Start. Jim is looking to build relationships with area churches. He would like to come to either a council or deacons meeting and is very committed to letting neighboring churches know that a new church start won't mean taking members from neighboring churches to join this new one.

New Business:
Linda and Scott Thorp and Elsie all volunteered to go to the required class in food handling in order for the church to be able to put on food events open to the public. There is an interest in starting with a monthly pancake breakfast.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday Feb. 18 following worship service. Linda Thorp volunteered to lead.

Rev. Landin closed the meeting with a prayer. Meeting adjourned at 9PM

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lenten Worship

The Waquoit Congregational Church is pleased to offer Wednesday Night Worship during Lent. We will be meeting in the parish hall at 5:30 for a pot luck dinner followed by a short worship service. Everyone is welcome.